Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that by purchasing our products you agree to our terms and conditions set out below.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before ordering any furniture collection from us. If you are unsure or would like further explanation regarding your rights please get in touch at info@northstarrinteriors.com

Our Contract

These terms and conditions conduct the supply of products sold by North Starr Interiors Ltd (No. 12412234)

All orders are placed and purchased by you are on the basis of the terms and conditions.


On the website you are able fill out an order form for your specific furniture collection which will be processed. You will receive an order acknowledgment and an invoice to pay with North Starr Interior bank details to pay the balance. You will also receive confirmation of payment upon us receiving the payment Should there be any special requests the team will resolves these before an invoice will be sent. An order acknowledgment is not acceptance of your order. We may not choose to accept your order by which we will not be liable to you or anyone in regards to this. We reserve the right to accept orders which we choose. If your order in accepted we must therefore deliver and supply the goods as is our legal duty.

Terms, Price & Payment

The price owed for the goods will be set out in the invoice sent to your email. This cost will be reflective of any changes made to the original furniture brief which have been agreed by both parties. This includes items which are discontinued or out of stock. Upon this we will provide suitable substitutes on the occasion we cannot obtain this. item for you. This substitute will be upon the agreement of both parties and will cause the price to fluctuate. The price payable is inclusive of delivery and installation charges. All prices include the currently valid VAT rate.

It is imperative that you check all dimensions associated with each piece of furniture in relation to the measurements online before you buy. If the furniture does not fit in your property you will be liable to pay any fees associated with this including removal and collection fees plus any damage to the furniture. On the occasions that the supplier will not take back the goods you will be charged the full amount.

Upon day of receiving goods someone must be present in order to give access to the installation team for the property. Should access be denied then you will be charged a fee.

We must receive payment for the whole price of the goods before we agree to deliver any items.. Should you wish to wait for any items due to the item not being in stock we can deliver in separate instalments however, an extra charge will incur due to making multiple trips.

Should you wish to cancel your order after payment is made there will be a cancellation fee in reflection to the final amount on the invoice agreed by both parties.


  • We ensure all products are delivered but unfortunately we will not be able to cover any subsequent loss of destruction of the delivered products. Please check the products once you receive them. Should the warranty of the supplier withstand then we will uphold this guarantee in order to replace damaged goods.
  • We make the descriptions and imagery a precise to the products as possible but it is your responsibility to check the dimensions of the product for accurate measurements before ordering.
  • Should we not fulfil our obligations due to anything outside of our reasonable control we will not be liable. This circumstances include supplier issues, fire, flood, communication issues, war, disease, death.
  • We are not the manufacture so please be sure to read instructions or guidelines in regards to the furniture very carefully. Products must be used safely in regards to their use of operation.
  • We do not provide full breakdown on prices due to collections being designed to the carefully planned budgets for each pack.

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